Many men will sooner or later face the violation of erectile function. In each case, the reason for this may be a variety of factors.

The most common causes are: hormonal disorders, anatomical changes of the penis and organs of the reproductive system, constant stress, maintain an unhealthy lifestyle, infectious diseases and other reproductive organs.

Symptoms of impotence

When should start to sound the alarm and go to the doctor for help, because one failure is not a reason to despair and give up. In fact, no one is immune from a similar, just need to be patient, calm and analyze the situation.

So, to correct signs of erectile dysfunction include lack of desire at all to start any action in relation to a woman, that is, decreased libido, lack of regular spontaneous nocturnal or morning erections, decreased the hardness of the penis during intercourse and lack of opportunity to bring it to the end .

The mechanism of erection and its disorders

The mechanism of violations of erectile ability is poor circulation and reduce blood supply to the penis cavernous body. After all, it is thanks to the flow of blood during sexual arousal occurs, and hardening of the body it is possible to carry out normal sexual intercourse.

body blood supply is regulated by both the hormonal level in the form of desire intimacy and veins that fill the penis, and nerve as pulses coming from the cerebral cortex. Therefore, in the process of erectile dysfunction is not the last place is occupied by nerve disorders.

Stop searching!

If, however, for many reasons, the blood flow is weakened, there comes a decrease in erection, which is a disaster for the men. In an attempt to regain his virility many turn to miracle pills that are popularly became known as Viagra, thanks to the first drug released for these purposes.

Over time, the pharmaceutical industry were invited to a huge amount of generic, ie copies of Viagra, produced on the basis of sildenafil. They are different doses and firms producers, but its effects on the body are similar to Viagra.

A little later, the patients were submitted to a completely new drug Levitra based on Vardanafil. After a short period of time, this tool has won the love of many men who suffer from disorders of potency.

And no wonder, because Levitra was able to significantly improve the indicators that gives the drug Viagra. The medicine starts its effect quickly and manifested after 15 minutes, but the maximum effect occurs within 60 minutes, it is recommended to take Levitra within one hour prior to the desired sex.


Unlike Viagra, Levitra remains in effect for 7 - 10 hours, during which the patient can carry out the sexual act. At the same time it provides guaranteed Viagra 4 - 5 hours. Therefore, many men prefer Levitra, as you can not rush and do not worry about it that the action will end after pill as he will spend time on the romance and gentle foreplay.

Dose selection

The medicine is available in tablets with dosages of 2.5, 5, 10 and 20 mg. The patient himself selects for itself the right dose, but usually recommend starting with the minimum, and only in the absence of the effect, or lack of its power - to move to larger numbers. Notably, Levitra is not able to be addictive and its use as the men do not have to increase the dose, on the contrary, many are moving to smaller dosages, as a manifestation of dysfunction reduced.

The drug acts directly on the blood filling the corpus cavernosum of the penis, so after regular use of this tool have seen many men not only to improve erectile ability under the influence of the tool, but also improved potency without receiving any medication.

Huge opportunities!

Since many people prefer to combine a sexual relationship with a pleasant attitude and a romantic candlelight dinner, then before the reception of Viagra are not allowed to drink alcohol or eat your favorite steak, as stated in the instructions: do not combine with fatty foods and alcohol. Now this problem is solved, because Levitra means has no such contraindications and allows people not only to satisfy their sexual desire, but also a pleasant evening.

With this facility the men began to feel more confident, as it helps to recreate a perfectly normal sexual intercourse, which ends with no sharp decrease in the tone of the penis after the process is finished, and the soft and gradual decrease in that it completely corresponds to the normal healthy man.

Therefore, it is not necessary when taking Levitra men worry that a woman finds out about his sexual weakness or disappointed.